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Designed for Leica Cine 1.

With the handmade and customizable LaserTV furniture from Spectral, the living room becomes a cinema. Each piece of furniture has been specially developed for optimal ultra-short distance projection with the Leica Cine 1 and is prepared for the motorized Celexon roll-up screen

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Spectral LaserTV-Cabinet Leica Cine 1 - NXL2700

Smart Lowboard

At Spectral you will find the perfect TV furniture. The original, handmade in Germany

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Spectral tv-cabinets


Discover the matching sideboard with Side. Bespoke and with a wide range of materials to compose to your liking.

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Spectral Sideboards


As a specialist in TV furniture, the designers at Spectral have set themselves the goal of reinventing the TV stand.

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Spectral TV-Stands

smart furniture

Under the motto "smart furniture", the Spectral furniture manufacturer has been developing and manufacturing made-to-measure smart furniture in Pleidelsheim, Swabia, since 1994.

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