smart furniture

You are looking for TV furniture to store all your electronic equipment, and especially cables, invisibly? Then Spectral has for sure the a product that's just perfect for you! Your wish is our command. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture exactly how you want it. Custom-designed to make your dreams a reality, tailor-made for your home. 

Spectral Art tv-stand Sonos Arc

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Spectral Circle tv-stand design

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tv-stand spectral tube ux

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Spectral Ameno floating TV cabinet

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Spectral Scala floating soundbar TV cabinet

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Spectral Brick soundbar TV furniture

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Spectral Air TV cabinet floating metal

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air 4 all

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Spectral Cocoon media TV furniture

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Spectral Air Signature TV cabinet LG Wallpaper 65WX

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air signature
Spectral Tray PX600SX

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Spectral Wall wall cabinet hanging

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spectral quick
the in stock collection

Start now instead of waiting a long time. Those who are just in love don't want to wait for the first date forever. You don't have to: all TV furniture, TV stands and racks you find in this catalogue will leave our factory within 24 hours after ordering. And will arrive rather quickly in your living room. Look forward to the usual Spectral quality at the speed of light - and cool down the bubbly. 

These are the top-selling models:

• Scala SC2004-SNG-SAT
• Brick BR1502-CM-SAT
• Next NXS2004-GN-SAT
• Just.Lima JRL1654T-SNG/BG
• Circle VX1000-SNG-SAT

and many more stock models.

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spectral tailor made

Made-to-measure. Made-to-order. Literally. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture to your specifications. For example, our state-of-the-art equipment at our Spectral Smart factory allows us align the dimensions of our collections with your walls, alcoves and audio-visual equipment. 

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spectral modular

Your perfect permutation. Air, Ameno, Cocoon, Next, Scala and Wall are six carefully conceived collections that allow you to combine a wide variety of elements to create your very own, very personal
furniture. They can be wall-mounted, floor-standing, or raised on feet. And there is a huge choice of colours, materials, depths, flaps, drawers, doors, top panels, closed and open wall units, on-top elements and shelves. Build your unique Spectral furniture configuration.

spectral sound

Rich bass, crystal-clear high notes, an all-encompassing surround sound, sumptuous stereo.

smart features


spectral smart light

smart light

spectral smart charge

smart charge
Spectral Smart Docks

spectral smart docks

smart docks

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Spectral High-End HE684

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spectral just-mounts

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Spectral Floor QX1011

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Spectral Screen

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Spectral stands for Sonos

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stands for sonos
Spectral speaker stands

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speaker stands
Spectral Cockpit CP30

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Spectral Spray flatscreen cleaner

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spectral spray

spectral collections

Smart planning models

You want a closed TV cabinet, with which you can stow your entire consumer electronics invisibly? Then you're in the right place at Spectral: With spectralnext, spectralcocoon, spectralscala and spectralameno, we offer you five different smart planning models with different designs and lots of practical solutions such as rotatable TV holders, integrated sound systems, clever cable guides and much more. Let yourself be surprised!

Smart singles

Are you looking for a closed or open TV cabinet that can be configured individually and that perfectly highlights your TV and hi-fi equipment? With the smart singles spectralbrick, spectraltray, spectraltvstands, spectralhigh-end, spectralspeakerstands and spectralsonossolutions, Spectral offers a suitable solution for every need.