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You are looking for TV furniture to store all your electronic equipment, and especially cables, invisibly? Then Spectral has for sure the a product that's just perfect for you! Your wish is our command. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture exactly how you want it. Custom-designed to make your dreams a reality, tailor-made for your home. 

smart furniture

Spectral Ameno floating TV cabinet

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Spectral Scala floating soundbar TV cabinet

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Spectral Next

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Spectral Air TV cabinet floating metal

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Spectral Brick

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Spectral Cocoon media TV furniture

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Spectral Air Signature

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air signature
Spectral Wall wall cabinet hanging

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just by spectral

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Specializing in TV furniture, Spectral designers set out to reinvent the TV stand so that Spectral design TV stands fit into any home or office environment. The new generation of TV stands fits perfectly with this new interior trend, also as a TV stand on wheels in combination with the latest soundbar.

Take a look at the TV stands Art, Circle, Tube and Tray.

tv furniture - made to measure

The range of TV furniture is endless. Only Spectral offers TV furniture for the individual. If the standard dimensions of our furniture series don’t match your requirements - relax, our tried and trusted furniture collections can be manufactured with custom dimensions. Taylor-made to showcase a product that’s just perfect for you.

Made to measure, made to order - literally. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture to your specifications. For example, modify dimensions with millimetre precision, make continuous glass top panels over several elements or add reinforcements to increase the maximum load capacity, change the position of a TV-mount, or mill additional cable openings. These are only a few examples of frequently requested customisations.

State of the art, Industry 4.0 technology in our Smart Factory to allow us to fully personalise your furniture. And everything to the highest quality standards. Typical Spectral.

Spectral smart furniture 
Made-to-measure made in Germany.

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spectral quick
the in stock collection

Start now instead of waiting a long time. Those who are just in love don't want to wait for the first date forever. You don't have to: all TV furniture, TV stands and racks you find in this catalogue will leave our factory within 24 hours after ordering. And will arrive rather quickly in your living room. Look forward to the usual Spectral quality at the speed of light - and cool down the bubbly.

spectral quick - the in stock collection
spectral quick stock program

spectral sound

Rich bass, crystal-clear high notes, an all-encompassing surround sound, sumptuous stereo.