TV furniture - made-to-measure

The range of TV furniture is endless. Only Spectral offers TV furniture for the individual. If the standard dimensions of our furniture series don’t match your requirements - relax, our tried and trusted furniture collections can be manufactured with custom dimensions. Taylor-made to showcase a product that’s just perfect for you.

Made to measure, made to order - literally. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture to your specifications. For example, modify dimensions with millimetre precision, make continuous glass top panels over several elements or add reinforcements to increase the maximum load capacity, change the position of a TV-mount, or mill additional cable openings. These are only a few examples of frequently requested customisations.

State of the art, Industry 4.0 technology in our Smart Factory to allow us to fully personalise your furniture. And everything to the highest quality standards. Typical Spectral.

Spectral smart furniture 
Made-to-measure made in Germany.


tailor-made wall-mounted furniture

The reason why our customers quite frequently select a wall-mounted Spectral furniture is quite obvious: a wall-mounted TV is minimalist and timeless with a floating look-and-feel. It blends into a modern or a classic interior and not unimportant: vacuuming under the furniture remains easy and convenient. With good preparation, you will no longer see any cables or sockets, because not only the width, but the height and depth as well can be adjusted to the desired dimensions. On top additional cutouts in the back wall for perfect cabling can be added. 

more than 2.000 colours
to choose from – at no extra charge

The Spectral Next models have a painted surface made of Primeboard®. This high-quality laminate is very resistant to stains and scratches, super durable and enables an especially easy and quick cleaning. The top panel can alternatively be either in 12 mm thick Primeboard®, or you can select a 4 mm thick glass top panel in the colour of your choice.

For all our models with glass surfaces, you can select from more than 2,000 colors at no additional cost. There is a choice of two finishes: matte satin or glossy. The special OptiWhite® ultra clear glass is colour-coated on the underside. The surface is extremely scratch-resistant, easy-to-clean and hard-wearing.

Combine different colours and materials and build your unique Spectral furniture configuration. Only available from Spectral. 


spectral is manufacturer of tailor-made solutions

With custom-made furniture from Spectral, you bring inimitability and uniqueness into your home. Even the most famous TV brands regularly consult with Spectral's designers and engineers. A recent example is the LG Signature OLED TV, for which Spectral designed the Air Signature collection. A unique collaboration between LG and Spectral in Europe and beyond. 

From a simple sketch to your very individual Spectral furniture. We are delighted to help you put your personal wishes into practice. Contact a Spectral specialist dealer near you or visit our showroom at the production site in Pleidelsheim on a Friday. Our expert staff will be most glad to assist you.


next with custom dimensions

A simple drawing is the frist step to customisation.


soundbar and sub

A solution for a Sonos Paybar and Sub with a special cutout in the back wall.

All peripheral devices are concealed behind the front with opaque acoustic fabric and well protected from dust. 


customisations at a glance

With Spectral you have various opportunities to individualize. Tailored to your requirements, made-to-measure for your home. Some of the most popular changes are:

  1. Different mounting methods with aluminium- or EDGE-feet, foot frame, castors or wall mounted
  2. Matte satin or brilliant glossy glass in more than 2.000 colours
  3. Fabric-fronted grilles in six different colours
  4. Models with storage space for different soundbars and subwoofers or for Spectral sound systems
  5. All models are available with the indirect LED background illumination Smart Light
  6. Custom dimensions in width, height and depth with millimetre precision 
  7. Custom compartmentation with or without additional reinforcements to increase the maximum load capacity
  8. The column of the TV-mount can be adjusted in height and additional drill holes are possible 
  9. Additional cutouts on the back of the furniture for cabling and access to sockets 
  10. Further special requests on demand

Most of these options can be implemented directly by Spectral specialist shops using the 3D planning software furnplan. Not all options are possible with every furniture series. All requests for adjustments which are not possible with furnplan, are sent directly to the Spectral construction department. A response about feasibility and cost is usually given within one to two working days.