Defiantly different. Boldly beautiful.

Air is a radical departure from conventions. In a complete first, it takes the sleek-and-slender design of today’s super-thin TVs, and extends it into the living environment. Its centrepiece is the airboard: a floating, minimalistic steel element with a multitude of concealed features.

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Spectral Air

air sound varianten • mix and match


spectral air

Magnetic magic. The warmth of oak meets the coolness of steel.

more than meets the eye.

Air does what all Spectral units do: make cables disappear.


air charge bar

The warmth of oak meets the coolness of steel. The Charge Bar is an eye-catcher and a perfect fit – in every sense – for the airboard.

be edgy! with smart light.

Spectral Smart Light creates subtle background atmospherics. Concealed LED strips provide indirect illumination of the upper edge of the unit, emphasising its contours. With the optional smartphone app, you can quickly and easily save multiple brightness settings.

Smart Light is not available for the LG Signature TV solution.


air design

Multiple choice.

Trivia time: what makes Air so special? Is it the seamless connection of television and media unit? The innovative use of steel? The minimalistic design? The way it curves away from the wall? A little hint: multiple answers are possible.

air modular design

Space galore.

Air is the perfect media unit for you, whether you need additional storage space or not. Two lowboard units of differing widths enable the airboard to be extended to either side, for instance, to accommodate additional input devices. The universal solution can also include an additional floor-standing lowboard with two spacious compartments.


air cablemanagement

More than meets the eye.

Air does what all Spectral units do: make cables disappear. The cleverly designed sub-structure not only keeps the airboard fi rmly and securely in place on the wall, it also keeps your wires out of sight. With Cable Cover, cables pass vertically and invisibly between the lowboard, airboard and TV.


air. essentials.

  • The unique airboard made of high strength steel in a choice of three colours
  • Minimalistic look-and-feel, modular design
  • Install TV on the wall using a flat fixedposition or retractable, adjustableposition tv mount
  • Magnetic adapter for Sonos Playbar and other soundbars
  • Cables are hidden from sight
  • Additional lowboard with a scratch-proof glass surface in more than 2,000 colours
  • Smart Charge and Charge Bar
  • Smart Light LEDs

product portfolio

Download the Air product portfolio in pdf format.