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Radically different. Incredibly beautiful. Air is a turning point. For the first time, a piece of media furniture takes up the filigree design language of modern wallpaper TVs and extends it into the room. The Airboard takes centre stage, or rather floats in the air: a purist steel element that does not reveal its many functions. The soundbar is not hidden, but visually integrated

Air smart features:
- Smart light - LED lighting
- Smart charge - Wireless charging
- Smart cable - Cable management

Air product information:
- Planning & details

Spectral Air

Spectral Air

With unparalleled vision and impeccable precision, the Spectral Air model line was created. Here, extraordinary materials are combined with groundbreaking design, and the result is stunning. For the first time, the idea of a TV cabinet is being rewritten: no more boring rectangular box, but a seamless fusion with today's ultra-thin televisions. In this evolution of furniture design, the Spectral Air TV cabinet is not just an addition to your living space; it is a statement of innovation, beauty and functionality.

All in all, the Spectral Air furniture perfectly complements the Sonos soundbars and the Samsung Frame TV because of its balanced integration of design, functionality and technology. It creates a space where style and entertainment come together and where you can enjoy an immersive viewing and listening experience.


Smart LED lighting

A clever method of strikingly enhancing the contours of your Spectral furniture is to opt for Spectral's optional LED lighting. With Spectral smart light LED lighting, you add subtle and atmospheric backlighting, using LED strips attached to specially designed wall plates. These LED strips are strategically positioned at the top, sides and even bottom of the furniture.

What makes Spectral smart light truly intelligent is the ability to adjust the colour from bright white to warm white. A handy remote control allows you to control the desired light intensity, so you can choose which level of lighting best suits a cosy evening of binge-watching. This adjustability allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. If you want to pair the LED lighting with the smart lighting systems of Philips Hue for example, this is no problem, Spectral smart light is prepared to pair with the modern lighting systems.

Spectral Air smart light

Wireless charging

Experience the convenience of wireless charging for your modern smartphone with the Spectral Air charge bar. With its sleek and contemporary design, the charge bar fits perfectly into any interior and is designed with functionality and aesthetics in mind. Simply place your smartphone on the solid oak surface and let the magic of wireless charging do its work. No more hassle with cables and connections - charging starts as soon as you place your phone. Choose from two colours: Sand Oak or Black Oak.

Spectral Air smart charge

Cable management

Air can fulfil the same functionality as all models in the Spectral range: cable management, making cables invisible. With its advanced construction, Air not only provides wall stability, but also offers optimal and invisible cable routing. Thanks to the vertical cable cover, cables are neatly guided between the various Lowboard elements, the Airboard itself and the television, hiding them elegantly.

Spectral Air

Soundbar tv-furniture

With Air as a floating TV furniture, you instantly choose sublime sound from your soundbar, giving any soundbar the ideal stage to reproduce Dolby Atmos with precision, without any visible cables. Indeed, Spectral Air is not only a designer TV cabinet, but also wins the design award for best soundbar TV furniture. A distinctive feature of Spectral Air is the included cable tray located between the Airboard (the floating TV furniture) and the wall-mounted television. This cable tray is specially designed to hide every cable in a neat way, without having to have a separate cable tray installed in your smoothly plastered wall.

Spectral Air

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colours & surfaces

Colors & Materials

  • Airboard in Champagne, Snow or Black
  • Lowboard in Colour Glass in glossy or satin
  • Lowboard in Metallic Glass in glossy or satin
  • Lowboard with acoustic flap

metal surfaces – matt powder coated

Airboard - Champagne (CHA)

Airboard | Champagne (CHA)

Airboard - Snow (SNG)

Airboard | Snow (SNG)

Airboard - Black (BG)

Airboard | Black (BG)

colour glass

Colour Glas - Snow (SNG)

Colour Glass | Snow (SNG)

Colour Glas - Grey (GR)

Colour Glass | Grey (GR)

Colour Glas - Pebble (PE)

Colour Glass | Pebble (PE)

Colour Glas - Granite (GN)

Colour Glass | Granite (GN)

Colour Glas - Black (BG)

Colour Glass | Black (BG)

Colour Glas - NCS®/Sikkens 5051

Colour Glass | NCS®/Sikkens 5051

metallic glass

Metallic Glas - Silver (SV)

Metallic Glass | Silver (SV)

Metallic Glas - Iron (IR)

Metallic Glass | Iron (IR)

Metallic Glas - Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glass | Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glas - Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glass | Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glas - Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glass | Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glas - Roast (RO)

Metallic Glass | Roast (RO)

acoustic fabric flaps

Silver - SF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Silver (SF)

Grey - GRF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Grey (GRF)

Graphite - GF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Graphite (GF)

Pebble - PE

Acoustic fabric flaps | Pebble (PE)

Carbon - CF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Carbon (CF)

Black - BF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Black (BF)