art ax tv-stand

Like a painting.

What a contrast: Premium OLED technology above, solid oak below – fits perfectly. The elegant, passionate design of the easel ensures the perfect staging of the TV screen. The plugs and connection cables are hidden out of sight, covered by the back board and passed through the inside of the base. This is your cinema.

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Spectral Art tv-stand

Live and in colour.

The Art AX consists of a tripod made of solid oak and is available in three colours: Oak Nature, Oak Grey and Oak Black.

Spectral Art AX tv-stand

Artfully staged.

The Frame TV model from Samsung is a real eye-catcher even when it is switched off and harmonises perfectly with the easel look of the Art AX.

art AX

With its elegant and airy design, the Art AX is ideal for free placement in your room. This space-saving complete solution cuts a fine figure even in the smallest of rooms.

Model: Art AX30-RON (Oak-Nature)

Spectral Art tv-stand

Solid oak of the highest manufacturing quality

Spectral Art tv-stand

Clever cable management with a magnetic cover

Spectral Art tv-stand

Integrated cable outlet in the rear stand

Art AX in detail

The feet of the elegant tripod are made from a single piece of wood and convey the premium quality of the TV stand. 

Adapters for different soundbar models

For those who want to expand the sound of the TV with a soundbar, there are different soundbar adapters available for perfect connection. The B&O Beosound Stage, the Sonos Arc or Sonos Beam, various Bose models, and soundbar models from other manufacturers can be attached with the appropriate adapter. When installing the adapter, three different heights can be selected. 

Model: Art AX30-ROB (Oak-Black) + ADSB5 Soundbar Adapter for Sonos Arc

Spectral Art tv-stand
Spectral Art tv-stand

Including TV bracket with an universal adapter

Spectral Art tv-stand

Delivered compact and simple to set up

Spectral Art tv-stand

An all-round eye-catcher

Art AX in detail

The connections of the television are cleverly hidden by the back board.

art ax flatpack

The Art TV stand is compactly packed in a practical flat pack box for delivery to your home or for collection from your specialist retailer.

Thanks to high-quality screw connections with embedded metal threads, setting up the Art AX is uncomplicated and can be done in a few minutes, even for laypeople.

Of course, detailed instructions for assembly are included.

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art ax essentials

✓ Elegant easel design with tripod
✓ Hidden cable routing
✓ TV bracket with universal adapter 
✓ Available in three different colours:

• Oak Nature (AX30-RON)
• Oak Grey (AX30-ROG)
• Oak Black (AX30-ROB)

✓ W × H × D (cm) 87,2 × 115,5 × 67,5
✓ TV size (inch) 48" up to 65"
✓ base footprint (cm) 87,2 × 67,5

Accessories for ART-AX30.
+ ADSB4 Adapter for:
Sonos Beam, Bose Solo 5, SoundTouch 300, Soundbar 700 and other soundbars
+ ADSB5 adapter for Sonos Arc
+ ADSB6 adapter for B&O Beosound Stage

Spectral Art tv-stand
Spectral Art tv-stand
Spectral Art tv-stand

Media mount as an on-the-shelf solution

The Art AX allows various media players and hard-disks to ride piggyback. With the optional media mount, you can cleverly install Apple TV and Co. behind the TV on the back board. Also the One Connect Box of the Samsung Frame TV can be attached this way.

Spectral universal mediamount ZU2093
Spectral Art tv-stand