Spectral Brick BR1502
Spectral Brick BR1201
Spectral Brick BR2001
Spectral Brick BR2000 Sonos Playbar
Spectral Brick BR2001 Smart Light
BR1502 Spectral Brick
Spectral Brick BR1501
Spectral Smart furniture Brick


Less furniture. More statement. You don’t want much, but you do want the best? Then Brick is just your thing. It’s the world’s first TV unit to have the sound system in the plinth. It is home cinema entertainment at its best, and at its most minimalistic. No speakers or cables in sight – or under your feet. And your audio and video equipment will do an elegant disappearing act – in the ample storage space behind matte satin or glossy glass. Declutter your living room. With Brick.

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BR1201 Spectral Brick

less furniture.
more statement.

You don’t want much, but you do want the best?

Spectral Brick Flap

brick design.
glass and class.

Clean lines, glass on all sides, no handles in sight: Brick is a minimalistic marvel.

Spectral Brick Tv-adapter

cut the cable clutter.

Visible cables? Nope. Because all that clutter has been tidied up and put away – inside your Brick.

brick sound system versions

brick. a sound foundation.

Many items of furniture have a plinth. But only Spectral Brick has an integrated fully active 2.1 virtual surround home cinema system of the very highest quality. Brick’s pioneering plinths are ideal for Spectral SCA and BRA sound systems, as well as for soundbars from many leading brands. The speakers are fully concealed behind black fabric fronts. Brick is also available with a standard plinth – but without sound integration.

Spectral Brick BRA2 sound
Spectral Brick Smart Charge

brick smart charge

Just place your smartphone on top of the Smart Charge module, and the battery will re-energise all on its own – fully automatically,

Spectral Brick Smart Light

brick smart light

Spectral Smart Lights create gentle, atmospheric background illumination. Simply place your hand on top of the lowboard to activate.

Spectral Brick BR1501 Wall Cabinets

brick wall solution

In an age of streaming and e-books, there is a growing desire for a return to a more physical experience.


brick. essentials.

  • Versatile furniture for home entertainment equipment
  • Attractive set-back plinth
  • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
  • Sound system concealed in the plinth
  • Smart Charge feature
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount
  • Floor standing
Spectral Brick BR2000 for Sonos Playbar

product portfolio

Download the Brick product portfolio in pdf format.

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