Home cinema TV furniture.
At Cocoon, you'll find the ultimate solution for home cinema enthusiasts. This TV furniture combines style with functionality and offers an abundance of storage space, ideal for discreetly storing your home cinema set. Cocoon is an exclusive design in our collection of designer TV furniture, specially designed to accommodate a soundbar, subwoofer and centre speaker. This Spectral custom TV furniture is also suitable for housing an amplifier, making it the perfect choice for any home cinema enthusiast.

Cocoon smart features:
- Smart light - LED lighting
- Smart charge - Wireless charging
- Soundbar & subwoofer integration
- Way of placing: feet & bases

Cocoon product information:
- Planning & details

Spectral Cocoon Design TV-Cabinet

Home cinema

A TV furniture can no longer be ignored in interior design. Indeed, it is becoming increasingly important. And that is not surprising if we consider that we spend hours in the living room relaxing and watching television. You can opt for something simple, but an eye-catcher really finishes off your living room. Cocoon is such an eye-catcher! In terms of class, a beautiful television perfectly complements Cocoon's home cinema design. 

At Cocoon, cinema fans get their money's worth. Those large flaps conceal endless storage space where you can easily hide a home cinema set. Cocoon is a unique model in our collection of designer TV furniture, suitable for any soundbar, subwoofer and centre speaker. With Cocoon, you free your living room from cluttered devices such as speakers. Behind the fabric-covered lid of the technology element, the sound system comes into its own. The variable layout offers space for several soundbars, a subwoofer and a centre speaker. The optimal opening in the bottom allows a subwoofer with downfire function to get rid of its sound. A soundbar TV cabinet unique in its kind.


Smart LED lighting

A clever method to enhance the contours of your Spectral Cocoon furniture in a striking way is to opt for Spectral's optional LED lighting. With Spectral smart light LED lighting, you add subtle and atmospheric backlighting, using LED strips attached to specially designed wall plates. These LED strips are strategically positioned at the top, sides and even bottom of the furniture.

What makes Spectral smart light truly intelligent is the ability to adjust the colour from bright white to warm white. A handy remote control allows you to control the desired light intensity, so you can choose which level of lighting best suits a cosy evening of binge-watching. This adjustability allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. If you want to pair the LED lighting with the smart lighting systems of Philips Hue for example, this is no problem, Spectral smart light is prepared to pair with the modern lighting systems.

Spectral Cocoon Design TV-Cabinet

Wireless charging

A unique smart feature from Spectral to the Cocoon collection is the Spectral smart charge option. This feature allows you to wirelessly charge any contemporary smartphone by simply placing it on the top plate of the furniture. While you enjoy your TV programmes uninterrupted, your smartphone is intelligently charged at the same time.

Spectral Cocoon smart charge

Cabele management

The Cocoon TV furniture, like Ameno, is distinguished by thoughtful cable management. The glass panels are magnetically attached, giving you the flexibility to neatly route cabling even under the top glass panel.

Spectral Cocoon

Soundbar tv-furniture

Cocoon transforms your living room by removing unwanted clutter, such as loose speakers. The sophisticated technology element, hidden behind a stylish fabric flap, reveals the powerful sound system. With a flexible layout for various soundbars, subwoofers and centre speakers, Cocoon offers the perfect solution. The thoughtful bottom opening ensures that a subwoofer with downfire function produces optimum sound. A unique soundbar TV furniture unlike any other. 

But Spectral goes one step further by integrating soundbars specially developed by the renowned Canton® brand, which in turn are controlled by preferably the Sonos® Amp.

Spectral Cocoon Soundbar TV-Cabinet

installation types

standing TV furniture

The base of each Cocoon furniture rests on polished stainless steel sled feet or choose a black matt finish. You also have the option of choosing a sophisticated leg design, such as the Edge model at 13.0 cm height. It is possible to have both variants painted in the same lacquer colour as the Cocoon furniture, for a seamless and harmonious look.

Spectral Stainless Steel feet

sledge foot | 6.5 cm

Spectral Edge

Edge | feet 13,0 cm


Cocoon roomdivider

A key advantage of the Spectral Cocoon as a room divider is its ability to serve not only as a functional piece of furniture, but also as an elegant design element that divides spaces in a sophisticated way. With its minimalist design, the Spectral Cocoon integrates seamlessly into any environment while creating a clear separation between different areas without overloading the space. This results in a harmonious spatial design where aesthetics and functionality come together. At the same time, as a room divider, the Spectral Cocoon offers plenty of storage space and a platform for technology, while still maintaining an open and airy atmosphere - a real plus for modern interiors.

Spectral Cocoon roomdivider

photo gallery

colours & surfaces

colors & materials

  • Colour Glass in glossy or satin
  • Metallic Glass in glossy or satin
  • Acoustic fabric fronts (soundbar flap)

colour glass

Colour Glas - Snow (SNG)

Colour Glass | Snow (SNG)

Colour Glas - Grey (GR)

Colour Glass | Grey (GR)

Colour Glas - Pebble (PE)

Colour Glass | Pebble (PE)

Colour Glas - Granite (GN)

Colour Glass | Granite (GN)

Colour Glas - Black (BG)

Colour Glass | Black (BG)

Colour Glas - NCS®/Sikkens 5051

Colour Glass | NCS®/Sikkens 5051

metallic glass

Metallic Glas - Silver (SV)

Metallic Glass | Silver (SV)

Metallic Glas - Iron (IR)

Metallic Glass | Iron (IR)

Metallic Glas - Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glass | Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glas - Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glass | Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glas - Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glass | Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glas - Roast (RO)

Metallic Glass | Roast (RO)

acoustic fabric flaps

Silver - SF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Silver (SF)

Grey - GRF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Grey (GRF)

Graphite - GF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Graphite (GF)

Pebble - PE

Acoustic fabric flaps | Pebble (PE)

Carbon - CF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Carbon (CF)

Black - BF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Black (BF)