Spectral Cocoon COP1001
COP1001 Spectral Cocoon
Spectral Cocoon soundbar BRA2
Spectral Cocoon COP1000
COP1000 Spectral Cocoon
COP1001 Spectral Cocoon Soundbar
Spectral Cocoon COP1002
Spectral Cocoon CO3


Cocoon is for aficionados of cinema and admirers of beauty. This versatile media lowboard offers almost unlimited space for discreetly storing away all your home cinema equipment.

Flap Spectral Cocoon

spectral cocoon

Hello, gorgeous. Can furniture be both practical and beautiful? Sure can. Cocoon combines fabulous function with fantastic form.

BRA2 Spectral Cocoon

cocoon sound systems

For Cocoon is available with the tried-and-trusted SCA3 and BRA2 systems – which are fully integrated, and concealed behind a fabric front.

Spectral Cocoon Cable Management

cocoon magnetic magic.

Cocoon, like all Spectral furniture, gives you intelligent cable management.

cocoon sound and storage versions

Spectral Cocoon BRA2

For Spectral Sound systems SCA3 and BRA2.

spectral sound
Spectral Cocoon Playbar

For soundbars from Sonos, Samsung, Bose, Sony etc.

Spectral Cocoon Flap

For storage


a liberating experience.

Cocoon liberates your living room – by putting your audio and video equipment out of sight. Starting with your speakers: fabric fronts hide them away, but let you enjoy the sound to the full. The interior of the unit can be flexibly configured, allowing you to position sound projectors, subwoofers and centre speakers as you wish. And the optional opening in the base allows you to operate downfire subwoofers inside your Cocoon.

Spectral Cocoon Drawer
Smart Charge by Spectral

cocoon smart charge

Just place your smartphone on top of the Smart Charge module, and the battery will re-energise all on its own – fully automatically,

Spectral Cocoon TV-Mount

cocoon tv-mount

The pivoting universal TV mount is suitable for practically all leading TV models.

Spectral Cocoon Smart Light

cocoon smart light

Spectral Smart Lights create gentle, atmospheric background illumination.

COP1002 Spectral Cocoon

cocoon. essentials.

  • Versatile media furniture
  • Modular design
  • Out-of-the-ordinary finger-pull grip
  • Mounted on polished stainless steel supports
  • Scratch-resistant glass surfaces in more than 2,000 colours
  • Concealed sound systems
  • Smart Charge feature
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • Pivoting TV mount
  • Floor standing version
  • Floor standing as roomdivider version


Your perfect permutation. Ameno, Cocoon, Scala und Next are carefully conceived collections that allow you to combine a wide variety of elements to create your very own, very personal furniture. They can be wall-mounted, floor-standing, or raised on feet. And there is a huge choice of colours, materials, depths, flaps, drawers, doors, top panels, closed and open wall units, on-top elements and shelves. Build your unique Spectral furniture configuration.

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tailor made

Made-to-measure. Made-to-order. Literally. At Spectral, we manufacture your furniture to your specifications. For example, our state-of-the-art equipment at our smart factory allows us align the dimensions of Next elements with your walls, alcoves and audio-visual equipment. We can shave off as many millimetres as you want from the width of your Next cabinet, up to a maximum of 20 cm. And you can extend the depth to 60 cm. Spectral is always a good fit.

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Spectral Cocoon Snow Glass

product portfolio

Download the Cocoon product portfolio in pdf format.

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