high end hifi rack’s

The name says it all. Give your high-quality audio equipment pride of place on our statement-making High End HiFi rack. This heavy-weight features highly robust aluminium columns, and extra-thick 19 mm glass panels. Power cables can be tucked away in a special, optionally available duct. And it’s made with audiophiles in mind: spikes can be added upon request to reduce unwanted resonance.


heavy metal for the eyes

The heavyweight is equipped with particularly bulky aluminum columns and extradicken glass planes in 19 mm.


high-end cable management

Connection cables can be tethered with the optional cable channel.


high-end spikes

Audiophiles are happy about additional spikes to reduce unwanted resonances.

high-end hifi furniture variants

high-end. essentials.

  • Spectral High-End has an extremely massive construction
  • Spectral High-End has a maximum load capacity of up to 60 kg per glass plane
  • The glass planes are available in clear or black glass
  • Spectral High-End is available with 19mm or 12mm glass planes
  • Spectral High-End is available with 80x80mm or 60x60mm aluminum columns
  • All models include felt pads, optional spikes are available.

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