Handle-less TV furniture 
Whether you're going for a minimalist design, a contemporary look or seamless integration of your TV furniture into your current interior, the Spectral Ameno collection offers endless possibilities. Browse our Ameno collection and discover how these TV units can transform your living space with their bespoke handle-free design options.

Ameno smart features:
- Smart light - Smart LED lighting
- Smart charge - Wireless charging
- Soundbar and Subwoofer integration
- Way of placing: feet & bases

Ameno product information:
- Planning & details

Spectral Ameno

wall mounted TV cabinet

Discover the ultimate in modern entertainment with the Ameno wall mounted TV cabinet in a sophisticated handle-less design - the ideal complement for your Sonos Arc and Sub set-up. With a seamless integration of technology and style, this furniture offers a minimalist aesthetic while setting the perfect stage for your home cinema experience.

The floating design creates an impression of spaciousness and sophistication, making your living space feel open and airy. Moreover, it offers a practical advantage: no tangle of cables to distract your eyes. The ingenious design includes smart solutions that keep your Sonos Arc and Sub completely hidden, resulting in a sleek and tidy appearance.

Whether you enjoy immersive movies or vibrant music sessions, this TV cabinet is specially designed to provide a seamless acoustic experience. Thanks to Sonos Arc and Sub integration, you are assured of clear sound and deep bass, while the minimalist design of the TV cabinet elegantly hides all your equipment.


Smart LED lighting

A smart method of strikingly enhancing the contours of your Spectral furniture is to opt for Spectral's optional LED lighting. With Spectral smart light LED lighting, you add subtle and atmospheric backlighting, using LED strips attached to specially designed wall plates. These LED strips are strategically positioned at the top, sides and even bottom of the furniture.

What makes Spectral smart light truly intelligent is the ability to adjust the colour from bright white to warm white. A handy remote control allows you to control the desired light intensity, so you can choose which level of lighting best suits a cosy evening of binge-watching. This adjustability allows you to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion. If you want to pair the LED lighting with the smart lighting systems of Philips Hue, for example, this is no problem, Spectral smart light is prepared to pair with the modern lighting systems.

Spectral Smart Light - LED lighting

Wireless charging

A clever addition from Spectral to the Ameno collection is the Spectral smart charge option. This feature allows you to wirelessly charge any contemporary smartphone by simply placing it on the top plate of the furniture. While you enjoy your TV programmes uninterrupted, your smartphone is intelligently charged at the same time.

Spectral smart charge

Soundbar tv- furniture

With Spectral smart furniture, you have the option not only to choose a TV furniture with standard equipment storage, but also to opt for the integration of the most common soundbars. This allows you to acquire a thoughtful soundbar TV cabinet with integrated soundbar, allowing you to enjoy excellent sound without visible speakers and messy cables. Moreover, in many cases it is even feasible to hide the subwoofer inside the furniture.

But Spectral goes one step further by integrating soundbars specially developed by renowned brand Canton®, which in turn are controlled by preferably the Sonos® Amp.

You can read all about soundbar TV furniture here....

Ameno soundbar tv-cabinet

installation types

Legs, bases or wall mounted

The base of each Ameno furniture rests on a Base plinth. You also have the option of choosing a refined leg design, such as the Stick or Edge model, or going for a floating Ameno furniture arrangement. If you decide to go for wall mounting, it is important to research beforehand whether the wall is suitable for mounting the Ameno furniture. If the wall is not suitable for wall mounting and the standard legs are too low, you can opt for the Blade or Bridge base.

The legs and bases are black as standard, but it is possible to have them spray-painted in the same paint colour as the Ameno furniture, for a seamless and harmonious look.

Spectral Base

Base | plinth 2,2 cm

Spectral Wall-mounted

Wall mounted 

Spectral Stick

Stick | feet 7,8 cm

Spectral Edge - feets

Edge | feet 13,0 cm

Spectral Blade

Blade | foot frame 16,0 cm

Spectral Bridge

Bridge | foot frame 18,5 cm


Ameno roomdivider

A key advantage of the Spectral Ameno as a room divider is its ability to serve not only as a functional piece of furniture, but also as an elegant design element that divides spaces in a sophisticated way. With its minimalist design, the Spectral Ameno integrates seamlessly into any environment while creating a clear separation between different areas without overloading the space. This results in a harmonious spatial design where aesthetics and functionality come together. At the same time, as a room divider, the Spectral Ameno offers plenty of storage space and a platform for technology, while still maintaining an open and airy atmosphere - a real plus for modern interiors.

Ameno roomdivider

photo gallery

colours & surfaces

colors & materials

  • Colour Glass in glossy or satin finish
  • Metallic Glass in glossy or satin finish
  • Fenix®
  • Design Glass (only as top plate)
  • Acoustic fabric fronts (soundbar flap)

colour glass

Colour Glas - Snow (SNG)

Colour Glass | Snow (SNG)

Colour Glas - Grey (GR)

Colour Glass | Grey (GR)

Colour Glas - Pebble (PE)

Colour Glass | Pebble (PE)

Colour Glas - Granite (GN)

Colour Glass | Granite (GN)

Colour Glas - Black (BG)

Colour Glass | Black (BG)

Colour Glas - NCS®/Sikkens 5051

Colour Glass | NCS®/Sikkens 5051

metallic glass

Metallic Glas - Silver (SV)

Metallic Glass | Silver (SV)

Metallic Glas - Iron (IR)

Metallic Glass | Iron (IR)

Metallic Glas - Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glass | Slate Grey (SGR)

Metallic Glas - Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glass | Champagne (CHA)

Metallic Glas - Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glass | Bronze (BZ)

Metallic Glas - Roast (RO)

Metallic Glass | Roast (RO)


Fenix® - Bianca Kos (BK)

Fenix® | Bianca Kos (BK)

Fenix® - Grigio Efeso (GRE)

Fenix® | Grigio Efeso (GRE)

Fenix® - Grigio Antrim (GRA)

Fenix® | Grigio Antrim (GRA)

Fenix® - Castoro Ottawa (CO)

Fenix® | Castoro Ottawa (CO)

Fenix® - Grigio Londra (GRL)

Fenix® | Grigio Londra (GRL)

Fenix® - Nero Ingo (NI)

Fenix® | Nero Ingo (NI)

design glass

Design Glas - Marmor Black

Marmor Black | DG-100

Design Glas - Marmor White

Marmor White | DG-101

Design Glas - Marmor Grey

Marmor Grey | DG-102

Design Glas - Marmor Slate

Marmor Slate | DG-103

Design Glas - Marmor Treasure

Marmor Treasure | DG-104

Marmor Emperador | DG-105

Design Glas - Marmor Travertin

Marmor Travertin | DG-106

Design Glas - Marmor Latte

Marmor Latte | DG-107

Design Glas - Golden Flower

Golden Flower | DG-108

Design Glas - Marmor Latte Grey

Marmor Latte Grey | DG-109

Design Glas - Marmor Latte Dust

Marmor Latte Dust | DG-110

Design Glas - Concrete Platinum

Concrete Platinum | DG-111

Design Glas - Concrete Nature

Concrete Nature | DG-112

Design Glas - Concrete Black

Concrete Black | DG-113

Design Glas - Marmor Blush Lime

Marmor Blush Lime | DG-114

Design Glas - Marmor Blush Melange

Marmor Blush Melange | DG-115

Design Glas - Marmor Blush Forrest

Marmor Blush Forrest | DG-116

Design Glas - Marmor Blush Pine

Marmor Blush Pine | DG-117

Design Glas - Marmor Blush Purple

Marmor Blush Purple | DG-118

Design Glas - Dark Leo

Dark Leopard | DG-119

acoustic fabric flaps

Silver - SF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Silver (SF)

Grey - GRF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Grey (GRF)

Graphite - GF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Graphite (GF)

Pebble - PE

Acoustic fabric flaps | Pebble (PE)

Carbon - CF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Carbon (CF)

Black - BF

Acoustic fabric flaps | Black (BF)