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Elegance in its purest form. A room is just a room. Until Ameno makes an entrance. With its pioneering technology, diverse functions and endless configurations, this exclusive collection will give your home a unique atmosphere. It’s minimalistic design paired with maximum enjoyment – setting a new benchmark in beautiful living.

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spectral ameno tv-moebel amp26

spectral ameno

Furniture surfaces can be tailored to personal tastes and preferences, in line with current and future colour and material trends.

Spectral Soundsystem VRA2

spectral sound

Two and half metres of audacious audio. With Ameno, you can choose between three superlative sound systems.

Ameno Smart Flame by Spectral

ameno smart flame

Fire without the smoke. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have instant cosiness at the flick of switch?

ameno sound and storage versions

Music to your ears.

Ameno catches the eye and bewitches with its beauty. But the focus is on you and your preferences. Especially when it comes to your favourite music and movie soundtracks. A made-to-measure Spectral sound system gives you a powerful and perfect audio experience. Or perhaps you will opt for a Sonos Playbar. Or for solution that has no integrated sound system whatsoever – giving you even more storage space. Sounds good, right?

Spectral VRA2 Ameno AMP03
Spectral Smart Charge

ameno smart charge

Just place your smartphone on top of the Smart Charge module, and the battery will re-energise all on its own – fully automatically,

Spectral Ameno Docking

ameno smart dock

Plug in, chill out. Like most Spectral furniture, Ameno has the Smart Dock feature, allowing you to charge and use your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

Spectral Ameno AMP28

ameno smart light

Spectral Smart Lights create gentle, atmospheric background illumination. The dimmable LED strips are installed out of sight.

Spectral Ameno AMP27

ameno. essentials.

  • Modular furniture range
  • Multi-functional channel in aluminium
  • Cabinet in two depths, various widths and heights
  • Surfaces in glass, ceramic or wood
  • Handle-free fronts, optional powered drawers
  • Concealed sound systems
  • Bluetooth/WiFi streaming
  • Smart Charge and Smart Dock features
  • Smart Light LEDs
  • 320º pivoting TV mount
  • Floor based version
  • Wall mounted verrsion
  • Floor based version on a steelframe
  • Roomdivider version
spectral ameno design

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Download the Ameno product portfolio in pdf format.

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