spectral sound

Sound by Spectral. Invisible. Unmistakable. You love the immersive soundscape of the cinema? And crisp, high-resolution stereo? But you could do without the bulky speakers and tangle of cables they entail? We hear you loud and clear. With our virtual surround systems, these components are kept out of sight, in the furniture itself – concealed behind fabric fronts that allow unimpeded, enthralling sound.

spectral sound

Rich bass, crystal-clear high notes, an all-encompassing surround sound, sumptuous stereo.


small system. big sound.

The SCA3 is a compact yet powerful sound system. It delivers sublime stereo with great special effects, easy-to-understand dialogue, and a bass you can feel.


bra2 perennially popular

The BRA2 is Spectral’s bestseller. For people who want their very own personal home cinema, BRA2 is the optimum option.


vra2 outstanding audio

Two and a half metres of pure stereo and surround sound bliss.

spectral sound systems

slim. sleek. powerful.

The XTA1 2.1 virtual surround system is available exclusively with the Next music board. It’s a mere 6 cm in stature, but generates an unbelievably sonorous bass.

Spectral Next NXP26

spectral sound bra2 & vra2

Input Optical, Coaxial, Cinch
Input 3x HDMI
Output 1x HDMI ARC
Bluetooth 4.0, IR self-learning
DTS, Dolby Digital, PCM
2.1 Virtual Surround System 
Performance 300 Watt


spectral sound sca3 & xta1

Input Optical, Coaxial, Cinch
Bluetooth 4.0, IR self-learning
Dolby Digital, PCM
2.1 Virtual Surround System
Performance 200 Watt


integrated subwoofer

You love the immersive soundscape of the cinema? But you could do without the bulky speakers and tangle of cables they entail?

sound. essentials..

  • No bulky speakers and no cable clutter
  • Crisp, high-resolution stereo- and surround sound 
  • Integrated Bluetooth 4.0 interface for wireless music streaming
  • Integrated subwoofer and amplifier
  • Can be operated via a typical TV remote control or Spectral Smart Control
  • Can be freely positioned anywhere in the room
  • No heat generation thanks to a digital amplifier
  • Carefully coordinated components

sound by spectral.

Spectral’s sound systems are supplied by Canton, Germany’s leading speaker manufacturer. They are tucked away, out of sight in the smart furniture, and include an integrated subwoofer and a digital surround receiver. The sound systems can deliver breathtaking virtual surround sound or powerful stereo – whatever you prefer.

Virtual surround sound A virtual surround sound system comprises left and right speakers, plus a 2.1 subwoofer in a compact enclosure. The sound is mixed to create a surround effect at your ear. But unlike conventional systems, there’s no need to install five speakers and a 5.1 subwoofer. What’s more, the DTS® Tru-Surround technology does not require walls or other reflectors.

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