Spectral is a company of specialists in tv furniture design. Their goal is to reinvent tv-stands, making them adaptable to any home or office environment.
The new generation of Spectral Design tv stands follows the latest furnishing trends and includes options such as a tv-stand on wheels combined with the latest soundbar.

Check out Spectral's Art, Circle, Tube, Tray, and Floor models, including the classic tv-stand design.

Spectral TV-Stands

Classic TV-Stands from Spectral.

Experience entertainment in the best possible way with our Classic Floor TV-stands! These stands are super mobile and can be moved and rotated as desired. Thanks to the rotatable TV mount, you can enjoy your favorite programs from any angle. The Floor collection offers a choice of five models, each with a classic modern look and finished with high-quality materials. The scratch-resistant glass panels and finely ground and brushed aluminum tube give a luxurious look to your interior. In addition, all models have smart cable routing and sturdy wheels.

Choose the quality of Spectral TV-stands, made in Germany.

spectral floor tv-stands
Spectral Floor TV-Stands

frequently asked questions

when buying a TV-stand

What should you pay attention to when buying a TV-stand?

It is important to look at 3 important points when buying a TV stand:

  1. The TV format of the television: take a good look at which min. and max. inch size the TV standard is suitable for.
  2. The weight of the television: what is the weight of the TV and up to what weight is the TV stand suitable.
  3. VESA size: this is the size on the back of the TV to mount on a bracket or adapter.

    If these answers are all known and suitable for the chosen Spectral TV standard, then it will be a suitable whole between TV and standard.
What is the Vesa size of my TV?

First of all what is Vesa? This is the abbreviation for Video Electronics Standards Association. This is a standard size that you will find with most TVs, and which corresponds to the mounting size of the Spectral TV stands. A television with a VESA 400x400 size has the horizontal and vertical mounting points respectively 400 mm \ 40 cm apart. VESA 200x100 then means a mounting size of 200 mm x 100 mm.

Which choice should I make a mobile or rotatable TV-stand?

Is the television in a fixed place in the living room? Then choose a rotatable TV stand such as the Circle, where you can easily tilt the TV for the ideal viewing angle. No permanent place for the TV in the living room? Then choose the mobile TV-stand Floor or Tray.

Do I have to buy the soundbar adapter immediately or can I do it afterwards?

With the Art, Circle and Tube TV stands, it is also possible to afterwards a soundbar adapter. This is very useful if you do not yet know which soundbar best meets your needs. If you opt for the mobile TV -tand Tray, you can only afterwards a soundbar adapter if you opt for the Tray -SX model.